Brand Spotlight:

Founded in 1995 by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins, YMC is well established as one of the most influential independent brands to come out of the UK in recent years. 

YMC references the the quote by the famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy; “You must create your own design style”. YMC see this statement as a call to arms and as such it is embody in each one of the brand's unique pieces. 

With the initial inspiration for their collections coming from workwear and military clothing, the two designers looked to develop as unisex brand which embraces wearability and looks to create timeless collections. It is this timeless nature that really speaks to the Ruskin aesthetic and ethos, our collections look to avoid passing trends instead focusing on items which are key investments - able to be enjoyed season after season without feeling dated or tired. 

You can always count on YMC to bring unexpected shapes and styles which make them a fantastic brand to build a capsule wardrobe around. With both statement pieces and classic staples, YMC is always one to watch. 

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