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Sideline is the creation of Ellen Brookes, whose focus on thoughtful design and understated detail have helped to make this contemporary womenswear brand a favourite here at Ruskin.

The Sideline aesthetic is built around clean, relaxed and feminine shapes to create and collection of everyday clothing which feel special. Their garments are made with longevity in mind, and are designed to be worn, returned to, and loved again and again. 

Based on England’s south coast, their design space is housed in a converted brewery, whose brick walls are pinned with inspirational imagery and textiles, acting as an ever-evolving mood board to inform each piece.

I design for the women around me – like-minded women who care about fashion and how they dress, who are effortlessly stylish and softly confident. They’re not interested in faddy, throwaway clothing, instead coveting unique pieces that show integrity and thoughtfulness in their design
— Ellen Brookes, Designer and Founder, Sideline

Sideline prides itself on ethical and sustainable practices, prioritising ethical manufacturing, fair working conditions and living wages.

Like Ruskin, Sideline are focused on the environmental impact of their garments. Sideline is committed to reducing their impact on the earth, rejecting the throw away culture of fast fashion of items which last season after season. 

In addition to this rejection of fast fashion seasons, they are taking steps in the sourcing and manufacture of their garments to ensure their environmental impact is as small as possible and their manufacturing practices are ethical and sustainable.

  • All of their denim is made from recycled cotton and both their denim and casual cottons are treated with innovative laser technology and water-less ozone washing.
  • Their packaging is 100% water soluble and marine-safe made from only Hydrogen, Oxygen & Carbon meaning they have eliminated single use plastic from our process completely.

Every woven Sideline piece, is proudly made in a small factory in Vietnam that specialises in high quality denim and casual production. They have worked with this factory over many years, ensuring every piece in the Sideline collection is made with the same care it is designed with. Their knitwear and knitted accessories are made by long established manufacturers in Scotland using traditional seam-free machinery and only the best quality yarns.

Shop our Sideline edit

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