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Portuguese Flannel

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A heritage brand from Northern Portugal, Portuguese Flannel is all about classic styles and a rich tradition of textile design. Their garments are produced by master craftspeople using only the finest, traditionally made fabrics. 

Portuguese Flannel garments don't follow trends, instead you'll find timeless shapes and styles which will see you through season after season. This is one of the reasons we love them here at Ruskin, as we know that buying a Portuguese Flannel shirt, jacket or pair of trousers is an investment which will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. 

We look to all of our brands to be making efforts to reduce their environmental impact, and Portuguese Flannel is making some great choices in this area. Many of their garments are certified organic and using organic fabrics is an important choice for sustainable fashion, by choosing organic you are supporting a system which protects the ability of the soil to capture carbon and safeguards the health of farmers, garment workers and all those involved in making this garment. 

They are also passionate about using recycled fabrics. Crafting from recycled fabrics means no raw materials are used or produced to make the garment. This kind of action is really important to ensure the sustainable future of the fashion industry as it reduced the burden on the land and water supply, as well as reducing energy consumption.

Biodegradable fabrics like Lyocell are also a great addition to the Portuguese Flannel family. These types of fabrics are made from sustainable wood pulp, which uses less water to grow, and which is processed into fabric using a closed loop system which means all chemicals are captured and reused. They are a great low impact option, and one which offers are wonderfully soft and luxurious feeling in hand. 

Alongside their environmental considerations Portuguese Flannel are also vigilant in their ethical manufacturing practices. Their traditionally-made fabrics are crafted just for them in trusted factories in Portugal and their garments are then stitched in their own factory by master craftspeople.

In addition to all of this all their packaging is 100% plastic free! 

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