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Just like its fellow Scottish brand, Kestin, Folk has been a part of the Ruskin journey since the very beginning. Their contemporary, minimalist style is always a great addition to both our mens and womenswear edits. 

Their tagline, 'style without drama', perfectly encapsulates the aesthetic of this great independent clothing brand. Their focus is on the detail of the garment, this close attention never fails to lead to a classically cut garment with just a touch of fashion edge. If there is one thing you can count on with Folk, it is that you will be getting a garment with the very best fabric available and it is this dedicated to quality which makes them a permanent fixture in our seasonal edits. 

Folk walks the line between streetwear and designer fashion, and had helped to create the thriving demand for casual clothing with a modern spin in the UK.

Creating refined collections with a paired back colour palette and the occasional pop of colour, their garments really shine in hand. Their obsession with high quality and interesting fabrics means we do find it hard to capture the luxe nature of their garments online, but rest assured you won't be disappointed once you receive your garment from Folk.

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