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Colorful Standard

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Colorful Standard is quickly becoming a by-word for perfectly fitting organic basics, and we are so happy to be stocking them online and in store at Ruskin.

A leader in the world of sustainable garment production Colorful Standard have spent years perfecting the fit of their hoodies, sweats and t shirts to ensure that whether you are going for a slim-fit look or a relaxed aesthetic your organic cotton staples will fit you like a glove. With a range of unisex, womenswear and menswear items, Colorful Standard brings uncomplicated and colourful garments to our carefully curated edit. 

Their garments are made with 100% organic cotton, which means their GOTS certified fabrics are made with no genetically modified cotton plants and are grown without the use of nasty pesticides.

Colorful Standard garments are made in their own factory in Portugal, where workers are paid fair wages and suffer no discrimination.

Colorful Standard items are all garment dyed which means the fabric is dyed once they have been stitched rather than on the roll as with traditional dying. This is great for a few reasons:

  • Garment dyed items are pre washed, which means no shrinkage and a relaxed, soft fit.
  • Garment dying gives a rich depth of colour, with subtle variations of tone within the garment. 
  • Garment dying means less fabric wastage as the same base fabric can be used across many different items 

Their accessories are all zero waste, and are made from luxurious Italian merino wool.

Why choose organic?

There are a number of great reasons to choose organic materials, first and foremost for us is the health of the workers involved in its production. non-organic farming can have a huge impact on the people working with the plants, and even with the fabrics themselves. So where we can buy organic we do. 

Secondly, is the health of the planet. Pesticides rob the earth of natural beasties which contribute to the health of the soil and even increase its ability to capture carbon. A vicious cycle means that the more pesticides that are used, the more are needed to create a viable crop - switching to organic means that you are supporting farmers who are working within the eco-system to create their product. Organic fabrics contribute to more sustainable farming practices around the world. 

Shop our Colorful Standard edit for 
Men & Women

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