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Born in London, Wax is a family brand with style and integrity at its core. Formed in 2015, Wax's clothing is made with carefully sourced materials, designed to be worn and reworn, time and time again. They are here to celebrate and elevate the everyday.

Wax offers timeless styles with a clean streetwear edge. From their Kurt trousers to the iconic Whiting overshirt, and their pieces form the basis of our menswear edits each season. You can count on Wax to bring effortless cool at a great price point. 

Here at Ruskin we are passionate about working with brands who have sustainability as a driving force in their design, and Wax certainly fits that bill. 

"We don’t claim to be perfect, and we never will. We are fuelled by never being good enough. Constantly looking for new ways to improve, we are hellbent on reducing our footprint, step by step – which is what’s been keeping us at the forefront of sustainable design since starting out.
For the people, for the planet. We’re a label for everyone, created with community, culture and inclusivity in mind. With a finger on the pulse, our starting line is: tomorrow." - Wax

Wax prioritises sourcing materials which are organic, recycled and responsibly sourced. Their wools are RWS certified, their linens are grown in Europe without artificial irrigation and their viscose are all from FSC certified sources. On top of using all of these ethically sourced materials, Wax aims to promote low impact production processes.

Wax's styles are designed for guys, but women of Team Ruskin love to shop their pieces. We like to think their styles are largely unisex and that gives them great versatility for us in store, and for our customers. 

Shop our Wax edit

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