Lockdown Lifts: Free Printable Colouring Sheets

With the kids heading back to school soon, we know your inspiration for *fun* & *creative* activities must be running a little low! That is why we have partnered with local workshop company Cut Glue Make Do to bring you and your little ones the cutest colouring sheets you ever did see. 

Cut Glue Make Do is run by artist and designer Emily Martin, organising a wide range of creative workshops and events for children and adults in East Kent. The workshops are multi-disciplinary and explore many creative processes from printmaking to textiles. Emily believes creativity is good for our mind and soul. The workshops are process-led rather than focused on the outcome. She encourages workshop participants to learn through play and experimentation in a friendly and supportive environment.

At the moment, Emily is not able to run workshops, but that is all about to change (hopefully). So if you and your artistic wee ones want to keep an eye on when the next events will be running, then head over to her website for all the details, or follow her on Instagram to be the first in the know. In the meantime, follow the link below to find two gorgeous sheets inspired by the natural world, which your kids will love to explore. 

Download the sheets here

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